Friday - The Squire Course -1:00 PM Shotgun (must be checked in by 12:30 at Bar 91 adjacent to ProShop) 2 man teams - A and B players - Blind draw
Saturday - The Championship Course - 8:30 A.M. Shotgun Individual Quota Point - Money divided by total number of plus points.
Sunday - The Championship Course - 8:30 A.M. Shotgun Individual Quota Points - Money divided by total number of plus points
**Will have 2 Closest to the pins each day!**

Overall Champion

- We will pay overall winners for the weekend. Your total will be the accumulative points for the 3 days.

Point System

Hole in One - 8 Points
Double Eagle - 8 Points
Eagle - 6 Points
Birdie - 4 Points
Par - 2 Points
Bogey - 1 Point
Double Bogey - 0 Points
Above Double Bogey - -1 (negative) Point

Point Adjustment

Will be made at the end of each round as follows:
-1/Even/+1 - No change of points
+2 to +4 - You go up 2 points
+5 or greater - You go up 4 points
-2 to -5 - You go down 2 points
-6 or greater - You go down 3 points

Course Yardage

Back by popular demand, we are playing two sets of tees once again this year. In order to qualify for the forward tees you must fit the following criteria: Player must be 55 years of age or older and have a handicap of 18 or higher; or 60 years of age or older and have a handicap of 14 or higher; or 65 years of age or older and have a handicap of 10 or higher. The forward tees will play from approximately 6,100 yards while the traditional Ralph Cup tees will remain around 6,500 yards.

Additional Items

* First time players will be frozen for the first day only, at plus 4 for team results and plus 6 for overall championship. Adjustments will be made using full quota achieved.

*The abandonment of any round, or no show will disqualify you from the tournament and could lead to possible suspension from the Ralph Cup.

*Pace of Play – Course rangers will be monitoring pace of play during the event. If your group is out of position, the entire group will first be warned. If the group continues to be out of position the entire group will be assessed a 2 point penalty.

*The committee reserves to right to make all final rules/tournament decisions.

Captain's Challenge

A couple years ago we introduced the Captain's Challenge as a Ryder Cup type format. With the success of the challenge, we have decided to expand it this year to include all those who would like to participate. This year will be Captain's Choice amongst all those who decided to enter. This will be an additional throw in of $10 to enter. The tournament committee will then select captains for the player draft. Players will be selected from a pool of players based upon handicaps and will then be placed on a team. Each day, a set number of individual quota point scores will count towards the overall team score. Final numbers will be decided once all entries are accounted for. If you are interested in participating in the Captain's Choice you must email me and indicate your in before the tournament.


Click here to get all the detail on the format used run.


Once the tournment has begun, use this link to track your position amongst your competitors


Three days prior to the tournament start, groupings will be posted for the first and second days of play.

Hotel Info

Click this link to book your rooms. The rate is $75/night